Into the space

Astro-logo flashmob by logodays community students
In the infinite dark space of our universe there is a planet where an infinitely bright day is waiting. This is the day we touched this universe. And let there be peace on our planet, and let there be a search for the uncharted together. We're human, you're human. Man from planet Earth!

We present you our first flashmob set made by logodays students for cosmonautics day.


Make a logo

And there were no more rules for designers. They could use any word, any sing and ideas for this work. So we checked results and after we were happy them about we decided to show you these 11 signs.
And now we are showing you our heroes and their creators.

The break of space-time by Anna Gusarova.
Laconic and homely graphic by Victoria Miheeva
Touch'd to the stars, so here. Insightful work by Victoria Miheeva
Always romantic and fascinating comet by Diana Kazaryan.
Minimalism and clarity by Alyona Kemova.
Illustrative image by Natalia Kuzmenko.
We are all want to fly as easily, as this astronaut by Natalia Mironova.
Cosmic bee by Ekaterina Novikova.
Do you know how to eat in space? May be somebody squeezed Earth like this, thought Ekaterina Novikova.
The first! By Karine Oganesyan.
Alexey Rodikov reminds us, that planets are formed from what used to be stars.
Also we recommended you to go far away from your cities and to watch through the night sky, to see the ocean of stars and just to try imagine where we have our place in this world. Galaxy by Ekaterina Pomazkova.
And here is and an indispensable props, hid in word. It is not recommended to leave the ship without him. Space helmet by Anna Luchina.
So that how decided to meet a cosmonautics day. Many student were good in progress and now they are ready not only for generate ideas, but for good embodying it also.

If you enjoy this set, you know what to do ;)



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