Of course we started from sketches and it was a lot of them.
The store name comes from the word hedgehog. So the main symbol is it. Customers gave us a transliteration name, so it sounds like russian, but writes on latin. Also in cyrillic "hedgehog" word have a letter "Ё" at the beginning. Because of this here many versions with two dots :)
So we started our first vector sketches. They were quite cute.
Customer was very worried about a result. And he asked us to try some heraldic sketches. Just to be.
Ok, there were a lot of them...
But after many version we stopped all of sketching. Something was wrong. And then we had a new idea from customer — fingerprint. it seemed very cool to connect it with our hedgehog. And we started to try.
First sketches were with look from up. Paws in the beginning, then more simple and stylish At the end we tried to draw it with look from the side
At the end we tried to draw it with a side view and we really liked this direction.
And then we started to work with letters...
... and finalize the sign
So here is a result.
It was long and quite hard but interesting project.
Thanks for watching this small journey with us :)
If you like it and want more stories like this please appreciate this project. Thanks ;) 

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